Mathematical Statistics (STAT 512) Final

Wow ! What an exam !

Today was the final exam for the Mathematical Statistics course. It was an old fashioned 2 hour in-class exam. I have not given one of these in a while now.  

You know that an exam is going to be quite long when the first lines on the questionnaire read ” This is a long exam and most of you will not be able to complete this in time. But that is alright and will be taken into consideration while grading.”

Indeed it held up to every word of that warning. As soon as I saw the exam sheet, I knew that I needed to step it up a gear for the next couple of hours. That is exactly what I did and went ‘into the zone’ completely. It was the kind of an exam where when you read a problem, the first thing you try for it better be the correct approach, or else you will not finish the exam. 

Somehow I did manage to finish the exam and was quite happy and confident with my attempt. Used 4 answer booklets on the way.

But boy oh boy, haven’t felt such an adrenaline rush since the quals of 2010 🙂

With this exam, come the end of one of the most useful and enjoyable courses I have ever taken. Granted that the course involved a lot of work for a 5th year Phd student but I learnt a lot of useful stuff and from one of the most entertaining and smart instructors. I highly recommend this course.

Thank you Dr Ewens ! 


Author: Madhur Behl

PhD Student at the University of Pennsylvania

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