Visiting Texas Instruments

After spending the day at Texas A&M in College Station, I drove for 3 hours to reach Dallas, TX.

Will be visiting TI tomorrow. I’m scheduled to give a talk in the afternoon about our data-driven demand response research.

I met with a lot of folks from TI at SRC Techcon 2 days ago in Austin. This will be a good opportunity to learn more about TI and their work. Looking forward to it !


Visiting Texas A&M University

Looking forward to visiting Texas A&M today. I am scheduled to meet fit faculty in ECE who work in the area of energy systems. I will also give a talk at a seminar later in the afternoon.

Texas A&M have a huge campus ! and this would be the third time I’m going there.

Best in Session Award !

I have won the best in session award(IoT Systems) at SRC TECHCON 2015 held in Austin, TX for the following work:

Madhur Behl and Rahul Mangharam, ‘Sometimes, Money Does Grow on Trees: Data-Driven Demand Response with DR-Advisor’


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IEEE Philadelphia Section Night talk

I will give a join talk with Rahul on Data-Driven Modeling, Control and Tools for Cyber Physical Energy Systems at the IEEE Philadelphia Section Night held at the Sheraton in University City.


BuildSys 2015 Paper Accepted

Our paper got accepted to appear in the 2nd ACM International Conference on Embedded Systems For Energy-Efficient Built Environments November 4-5, Seoul, South Korea.

Madhur Behl and Rahul Mangharam, “Sometimes, Money Does Grow on Trees: Data-Driven Demand Response with DR-ADvisor


DR-Advisor full video

Here is the complete video of my research presentation to my thesis committee.

Thank you all for the encouragement.

The talk was entitled: ‘Data-Driven Modeling, Control and Tools for Cyber-Physical Energy Systems’


Penn Autonomous Race Club

The Penn F1/10 or the Penn Autonomous Race Car club has launched.

We get to modify an off-the-shelf race car with a camera and a LIDAR and our goal is to have it race through the corridors at Penn.

Check out the website I design for Penn F1/10

It might be 1/10th the scale but its 10 time the fun !